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Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics

Our latest Myotis myotis genome assembly can be found here. Please contact us directly for access password!

We examine a broad range of evolutionary research questions from mammalian phylogenetic relationships to the molecular mechanisms of sensory perception, innate immunity and the speciation process in bats and other eutherian mammals. read more

Last publication
Six new reference-quality bat genomes illuminate the molecular basis and evolution of bat adaptations
Jebb D, Huang Z, Pippel M, Hughes GM, Lavrichenk K, Devanna P,Winkler S, Jermiin LS, Skirmuntt EC, Katzouarkis A, Burkitt-Gray L, Ray DA, Sullivan KAM, Roscito JG, Kirilenko BM, Davalos LM, Corthals AP, Power ML, Jones G, Ransome RD, Dechmann D, Locatelli AG, Puechmaille SJ, Fedrigo O, Jarvis ED, Springer MS, Hiller M, Vernes SC, Myers EW, Teeling EC
BioRxiv, 836874 read more

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